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League of Supermen

This morning, I came across the following Youtube video by Tim Daly, who you may know from "Wings," "Storm of the Century," and, if you're a Superman fan, the voice of Superman from "Superman: The Animated Series." This amusing video shows Tim congratulating his son, Sam, for being cast as Superman in an upcoming DC… Continue reading League of Supermen


Pink’s Beautiful Trauma Concert At Madison Square Garden

Pink is a badass. I had this thought often as I watched Pink perform at Madison Square Garden on April 4th in a concert that featured many of her popular songs along with high-flying acrobatics, colorful theatrics and intriguing dance routines. The concert began appropriately to one of her early hits, “Get This Party Started,”… Continue reading Pink’s Beautiful Trauma Concert At Madison Square Garden


Site Update

I've made some cosmetic changes to the site, such as changing the colors, adding some ads (let's see if I can make some pennies at this) and adding a link to the right to make it easier to follow this site. Click on it, enter the password and you'll get email notifications when I post… Continue reading Site Update