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Struck By A Great Idea

Have you ever had a really great idea, one that came out of the blue and hit you like a thunderbolt? As a writer, I love when a thunderbolt idea strikes. It's like magic. One moment, the idea doesn't exist. Then, next, it appears out of thin air like a rabbit pulled from a hat, bringing… Continue reading Struck By A Great Idea

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Journey Before Destination

"Life is a journey, not a destination." Are you familiar with this quote? If you're not, the saying (attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson -- according to some -- incorrectly) suggest that we are aware of the present rather than focuts on some future outcome or goal. The thought is that, if you base your happiness,… Continue reading Journey Before Destination

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Jaws (1975): A July 4th Celebration

This July 4th, I'll be sitting on a beach in Westhampton, NY, looking out at the Atlantic Ocean, and, as I do so, my thoughts will be on those things that represent the holiday to me:  America's independence, fireworks, hot dogs, and the movie "Jaws." What? "Jaws" is a July 4th institution? Absolutely. The film is… Continue reading Jaws (1975): A July 4th Celebration