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The Mind of the Nerdy Adult: Nerdy Jelly

What can turn the head of a Nerdy Adult walking down the street?

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Journey Before Destination

"Life is a journey, not a destination." Are you familiar with this quote? If you're not, the saying (attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson -- according to some -- incorrectly) suggest that we are aware of the present rather than focuts on some future outcome or goal. The thought is that, if you base your happiness,… Continue reading Journey Before Destination

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Silliness, Meaning, and “The Nearness of You.”

In my last Nerdy Dad article, I confessed to being a life-long geek for sci-fi, fantasy and superhero stories. There are a number of reasons that I love these types of stories. Obviously, I enjoy that each genre story presents a reality that is not our own, by small or large degrees. Whether it's a… Continue reading Silliness, Meaning, and “The Nearness of You.”