Blog Re-Launch

After a long hiatus, I’m back to this blog.  Sorry for those who were following the blog and then saw nothing.  Over the past few months, I’ve been working on some things and really wasn’t feeling the spark to write.

That’s over and I’m going to make this blog more of a priority.  As part of the relaunch, I’ve done some behind-the-scenes re-organization.  The changes may not be completely evident, other than all posts will appear on the main page, while some posts will also appear on a Category page (Movies, Short Stories, Music and others to come).  The posts for these categories wiill be viewable by clicking on the Menu links.

In a few days, you’ll also see soon a new movie post that I’m revising right now.  After that, you’ll see more posts: many short, thoughts-of-the-day posts that will appear more regularly and other lengthier ones that will appear from time to time.

For those who have been fans of my first novel, I’m working on my next one as well. It’s going to take me awhile (like years) to do, but I think in the end, I think it will be great.

With that, I hope people enjoy the site.

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