Everything Can Change Excerpt

In 2015, I self-published my first novel: “Everything Can Change.” The novel, available now on Amazon, was a very personal endeavor as it was largely based upon my life.  In 1995, two weeks into my first semester of law school, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. With surgery and chemotherapy, I was able to survive, stay in school, later graduate and become an associate attorney for a large law firm in NYC.

Originally, I had intended to use the experience to write a short story as an attempt to “write what I know.” However, the story grew into a novel after I considered a thought:  what would my life have been like if I had been diagnosed with cancer at the law firm rather than in law school.

The lead character, Jack Ritter, is also an law firm associate who is later diagnosed with testicular cancer. In the excerpt below, which captures the prologue and first chapter of the novel, we learn more about Jack and his life prior to his discovery.

If you like the exerpt, please head to Amazon and purchase a copy of the full book.

Everything Can Change (Excerpt)

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