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Weezer (and Toto) Save My Morning

I awoke this morning feeling a little down and tired. My son Ben had woken me up several times in the night and, by 5 a.m., had made his way into the bed my wife and I share.

At 6:45, I roused my eldest daughter Maggie up from bed and shuffled downstairs to make her breakfast and pack her lunch (you know, the Dad part of being a Nerdy Dad). I don’t drink coffee and recently quit Diet Mountain Dew so I had some black tea in the hopes that its meager store of caffeine would give me some energy. Amid the lethargy, my brain kept nudging me that I was forgetting something but it wouldn’t tell me what.

I turned on the “Today” show and watched the lead-in promote several news stories: the cancellation of “Roseanne,” floods in the South, and the Russia-Trump investigation. You know, all of the things, that really brighten your day.


The promo then teased a modern cover by the band Weezer (“Buddy Holly,” “Undone,” “Keep Fishin'”) of the ’80’s Toto classic, “Africa.” As soon as I saw the promo, I downloaded the song from iTunes and reveled in the guitar riffs, pounding drums, ’80’s style synthesizers, and Rivers Cuomo’s vocals blasting out golden lyrics.

And a smile came on my face and my spirit lifted.

A little bit later, I read about Weezer’s cover. Apparently, the band’s fans have been demanding that they cover the song for a little while. In response, the band punked their fans by first releasing a cover of Toto’s other hit, “Rosanna.” The fans didn’t quit in their campaigning and Weezer later released “Africa” to the fans’ delight.

I thought this would make a great article, so at 7:30, I opened up my Mac to write. I had time. Maggie’s breakfast had been made, lunch was packed, and she didn’t need to leave for school for another 30 minutes.

Then I realized that I was supposed to have woken up my other daughter Riley 30 minutes earlier so that she could get to school early for band class.


Here’s hoping Weezer’s version of “Rosanna” can bring back my good morning.

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