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Random January Musings

From time to time, I mull over various metaphysical and philosophical quandries. Here are some of my recent ponderings.


Of all the innovations that we have seen in the past twenty years, things that make us wonder how we could have lived without them, aren’t memes near the top of the list?

You’re doomscrolling along on your social meda platform of choice, wondering when the Days of the Road Warrior will thunder in. Then, you come across a great meme. Suddenly, you’ve got a song in your heart and a grin on your face. You’re sharing it across several social media platforms. You think “I can make it through lockdown another day.” That has to be worth a lot of something.


You know those page a day calendars sold at stores like Target and Barnes & Noble? Calendars that provide the “Word of the Day” or “365 Intriguing Facts About Siamese Cats” and immediately are 50% off on January 2nd?

Does anyone who buys these calendars stick with them, day after day, and finish them at the end of the year? Or are they like New Year’s resolutions that are dropped at some point in February?


How many bulls could a bulldog dog, if a bulldog could dog bulls?

The answer is 0. Bulldogs are extremely lazy.


If you’ve spent any time on social media in the past few years, you’ve probably witnessed a lot of people with strong opinions about the contents and meaning of the U.S. Constitution.

Do you think that a good number of these people base their opinions on vague memories of a 7th grade civics class they took a decade or more ago during which they spent most of their time concerned about the constitution of their complexion or the meaning of a look they received from a boy or girl in the hallway?


In the Word of the Day calendars I mentioned above and that I’ve never used beyond January 20th, is the word of the day for March 15th always “Ides?”


If I had called this post “Things That Make You Go Hmmm,” would that have given you an earworm of that ’90’s song?

And are you angry now that I have given it to you?

Have a good weekend and look for the next Mind of the Nerdy Adult cartoon this Saturday.


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