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Random July Musings

Sometimes after I’ve found a lost item that I’ve spent some time locating, I’ll keep looking to prove my mother wrong when she says “it’s always in the last place you look.”


Speaking of parents (he wrote in a perfectly executed segue), has any parents of school-aged children expressed their jealously at the existence of their summer vacation in the following manner?

Wow, you kids only have two months of summer vacation?  When I was a kid, we'd finish in May so that we'd get three months of vacation.

And then, to mask your intent, you finish with:

I feel so bad for you guys.

Or is it just me?


The only thing worse than unpacking after a move is to do said packing with ADHD. You’re in a room, let’s say the bedroom and unpacking. For whatever reason, you have to go to another room (say the kitchen to fill up your water bottle). While there, you decide that you should actually be unpacking some things in that room first. Ten minutes later, you find yourself in the family room, assembling a piece of furniture while the boxes in the bedroom and the kitchen remain partially unpacked.

But hey, it’ll all get done at some point, right?


At some point, after 3-4 times where the temperature changes 30-40 degrees in two days, you’d think I’d check the weather before I go out or plan for a weekend away.


Is anyone else frustrated by assembly manuals that require you look at both the picture directions and the written ones?


Is gerrymandering the reason that Larry Vaughan, the mayor of Amity Island, in Jaws is still the mayor in Jaws II? Or did the town really appreciate that he refused to let the Kitner boy spill out on the dock?

You’d think that the Roy Scheider would have used his status as the shark-killer to convince the town that Vaughan didn’t deserve another term.


Have a good summer, everyone.

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