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‘Casts Section: The New Making It Up Section About Podcasts

During the Great Quarantine (as I am calling the current social conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic), it’s often difficult to find new things to occupy our time.  After all, how much time can you spend watching Netflix before you’ve seen everything?

(Answer:  A lot. There are several lifetime sentences worth of movies, TV shows and documentaries on Netflix. Throw in Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBOMax and Disney + and suddenly you’re happily a “lifer” on your couch).

Yet, you really can’t sit and watch your TV or computer monitor the whole day (unless you’re my kids and if you are my kids, get out of the house and play outside for a little bit!).  You can’t … scratch that … it is illegal to watch Netflix while driving your car or riding a bike.  And you’ll look ridiculous watching Hulu on your phone or tablet while you are jogging or walking outside.

In these instances, podcasts are the answer. Podcasts are the 21st century answer to radio shows and cover a multitude of topics and formats. You can find professionally made podcasts by celebrities, journalists and other professionals covering the news, politics, entertainment and hot topices There are also ‘casts by amateurs who discuss their favorite shows, books or movies.

And unlike Netflix, et. al., podcasts are free to download and to follow on iTunes, Spotify and other distributors.

In upcoming articles in the ‘Cast section, I’ll cover podcasts about television, movies and novels that I have enjoyed over the past few months, starting with my article about The Duke and Duchess Podcast, a “book club” podcast about fantasy novels.

I hope you enjoy it.

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